Chris’s House – The Living Room


At Chris’s House we are building on our guests’ capacity to self-manage their mental health and emotional resilience as well as our volunteers capacity to offer our guests the supported steps from suicidal crisis to well being.

Due to increasing demand and limited space at our current premises we are in the pro-cess of moving to a larger building in Wishaw. This will enable us to expand our service and the menu of opportunities we have availab…le to offer our guests more options to in-crease personal competence and confidence in skills that can counter negative thinking, des-pair, hopelessness and isolation and most importantly, use the person’s lived experience of suicidal thoughts, mental ill health alongside their needs, wishes and strengths. We also want to escalate our community outreach and involvement that in turn will offer interaction and connections made with other people, groups and services which are critical to ensuring recov-ery is maintained.
We need your vote at the People’s Project to support us in achieving this move and to ensure that our new building – The Living Room – is as homely, calming, welcoming and as therapeutic as we can make it!
Please Vote for us to go on saving lives. Voting lines open 9am Monday on 20th March we will keep you updated on this and how to vote.
Please keep sharing and watching the website for the latest information on this amaz-ing project.

You will be voting for Region STV West. – Click Here

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